First meeting – november 3 2010

Dear Colleagues,

here we are, the first meeting has been scheduled
on November the 3rd (wednesday) at 1 PM – 13.00
in the Ph.D. room in the department of Business

This is the list of the topics that will be discussed:
1. management of the website (this one!)
2. creation of a common database to collect a pool of subjects who are willing to participate in or who already partecipated in experiments
3. news about the experimental lab in Ca’ Foscari
4. understanding tools available and how to use them

no worries for those who cannot come, I’m confident there will be a recap on this blog pretty soon after the meeting.

See you!


Newborn Community on Experimental Economics

Thanks to the effort of the Ca’ Foscari University‘s and of the Scuola Superiore di Economia‘s precious resources, a new group, who share the passion for running experiments, is born.

The main goal of this blog is to encourage discussions around ideas, results, and projects to make our research better and stronger. A non secundary goal is to provide critical information useful throughout the phases of the experimental research. From understanding how to deal with the burden of the bureaucracy, to the signaling of meetings, workshops and conferences on the topics discussed herein.

We hope that this blog will shortly become a gatekeeper of pivotal information, a source of ideas and a way to keep connected.

Let’s get it started!

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